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  •  IT Project and Programme Management

    • BCB's IT Project and Programme Management philosophy revolves​ around designing deliverables and outcomes to contribute to a vision and a roadmap supported by user research and insights. A focus on synthesising customer-centric and business focussed research is central to our approach to define an experience roadmap. The experience roadmap is then designed into a solution through a process of ideation prototyping, developing features, and then validating the impact through a test and learn approach. BCB recognises that organisations are at different ends of the spectrum between a traditional waterfall and agile approach. BCB works with our clients to facilitate a transition to incorporating agile principles of openness, transparency, camaraderie, and collaboration between the business and technology functions to transform into one core unit.​​

1. Discover

2. Design

3. Deliver

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  • Agile Ways of Working Consulting

    • BCB's approach to our consulting practices in Agile Ways of Working is to work with our clients to understand their specific As-Is circumstances, assess bottlenecks, and recommend options to optimise the existing processes and practices across the organisation's value chain. BCB will also partner clients in their journey through the agreed maturity model roadmap​

Identify the


Interact with key personnel to identify the existing organisational realities involving

Systems, Staffing, Skills,

Style, Structure, Strategy,

Shared Culture

Assess alignment, bottlenecks

Assess how well  the key parameters defining the ways of working are supporting one another

Socialise best practices in the industry to generate value and  ​how they could be incorporated into the clients' working practices

Recommend the "right" fit

Facilitate and encourage a collaborative​ environment to review and craft options to optimise the 'ways of working' experiences to reflect the best practices in the industry

Put together options and create a maturity roadmap

Partner in the ways of working transformation journey

Continue partnering the clients in their journey to generate early wins, maintain a guiding coalition and reinforce the changes throughout the organisation through the right mix of advisory and action

  • Engineering Services

BCB also closely collaborates with our partners to offer clients relevant Engineering Services. Here are some of the offerings with our our partners covering innovations in Augmented Reality and Conversational AI. 

AnythingAR is building a best of breed platform to curate, and host augmented reality experiences for immersive customer engagement in a variety of industries with a focus on fitness and indoor/ outdoor horticulture. The platform facilitates immersive experiences for user training and newer sales channels across a number of industries.

Synthetic are a chatbot and voice agency - Conversational AI, strategy, design, build and optimisation for some of the biggest companies. offer the most user-friendly conversational AI platform to let frontline teams automate requests themselves.

  • Training and mentoring

    • BCB offers a series of standard and customised training courses on-site based on customer need. BCB consultants mentor and coach teams on best practices in software engineering and recommend best tools to support these practices.  They can help teams with their agile practices, code branch and merge strategy,code quality metrics and software quality assurance, test automation, software architecture, help implement XP practices and DevOps (build/deployment automation, infrastructure provisioning). The following is a representative list of courses we have run for our clients:

      • Enterprise Integration Patterns

      • Event driven architecture

      • Microservice Architecture

      • Event streaming with Kafka

      • Design Patterns and SOLID principles of Program Design

      • Test driven development

      • Behaviour driven development

      • Continuous Integration and Delivery

      • InfraStructure as Code principles and practices

      • Domain driven design

      • Agile/Scrum

      • Lean/Kanban

      • Java programming

      • Functional programming

      • Reactive programming

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